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A DSP who wants a better work-life balance and improved scorecard performance.

Service Details

DMGgo provides critical support for your leadership team and drivers seven days a week from 5am until your last vehicle returns.

  • Package marking and geo pin moving
  • Roadside Coordination and OTR Troubleshooting
  • Accident/Incident Reporting (OSHA 300A)
  • Daily Communication Creation and Rostering
  • Rescue Coordination
  • Safety and Standard Work Tips
  • Delivery Reattempts
  • Netradyne Monitoring and Real-Time Coaching


  • Save Time: A typical DSP is able to save 1 hour / route / day when utilizing our ORM/Dispatch service.  And, as you know, time is money…. If you have 20 routes, that is equivalent to 140 hours/week you can save on payroll and overtime!
  • Save Trouble: Our team is always there – at 5am and 11pm – ensuring your drivers and key ops personnel are supported and safe.  The end result is happier, safer employees and less turnover – which saves A LOT of trouble. 
  • Save Money: Our team helps you reduce overtime by 8% while helping Amazon DSPs bonus 25% more than average Amazon DSPs – a value of    ~ $91,000 per year


$1,000 /wk for 7 days
$450/wk for Fri-Sun
$600/wk for M-Th
$100/truck/wk for Linehaul Support

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Case studies


In June of 2021, a DMGgo partner was struggling with hitting the fantastic metric on safety and compliance. They were averaging scores of 450 seatbelt off events along with 200 speeding events.

DSP Owner was seeing increased vehicle damage, inflated occurrences of safety related incidents, and falling short of safety and scorecard incentives.

Within a month, the DMGgo team started giving daily reports to the owner of his top offenders and having weekly calls. DMGgo personnel worked with training lead drivers to help them coaching out in the field. In week two, seatbelt and speeding events were reduce by half. Ultimately, we helped the owner achieve a fantastic rating in safety and compliance resulting in a nearly perfect scorecard.


“We have the lowest return rates at our station this is all because of the partnership we have with DMGgo, Lauren, and her team in making sure all packages are delivered.”
- DMGgo Partner, Frisco, using TX Dispatch Service
“I really appreciate everything you guys do in making sure my drivers are taken care of.”
- DMGgo Partner, Grand Prairie, TX Dispatch Service