Invoice Reconciliation

Ideal For

A contractor who wants to ensure they are being paid correctly and don’t have the bandwidth to review every line item of every invoice.

Service Details

DMGgo Invoice Reconciliation ensures accurate payment of work performed. Our team audits daily operational activity, builds your invoice, and ensures payments are accurate.

  • Daily Audit of Work Summary Tool
  • Weekly Preparation of Invoice in Accounting System
  • Weekly Posting of Payment Remittance
  • Weekly Dispute for Short Pay with Summary Email
  • Monthly Audit of Fixed Payment and Disputes
  • Ongoing Communication with Business Coach and Payments Team
  • Monthly Revenue Recapture Summary
  • Peak Season Incentive Tracking (and Collaboration with Payroll)


  • Save Time: A typical contractor is able to save up to 20 hours per month managing, auditing, and disputing errors on their invoices.
  • Save Trouble: Our team is always there, ensuring you’re being paid correctly, whether you are on vacation or grinding out another 80-hour workweek.
  • Save Money: A typical DMGgo customer recovers $44,000 annually with this service, and since its inception, DMGgo has recovered over $2,000,000 in unpaid activities.



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Invoice Reconciliation

Case studies

Leaving Money On The Table

DSP out of Oklahoma came to DMGgo with warranted concerns they were not getting paid for their routes and rescues routes accurately. They didn’t have the time to constantly review their invoices to ensure proper payment was being made given daily operations and ramp demands.

Target Goal:
Ensure accurate and timely payment for work being performed.

DMGgo implemented its Reconciliation Workflow, working closely with DSP on a station level we were able to see nearly instant results. Within the first month we identified $1,500 in missing routes and $13,000 missing from their fixed invoice. DSP initiated services in November of 2020 and less than six-months later there has been recaptured $93,000 in revenue by the DMGgo Recon team.

An additional DMGgo Partner in New Jersey contacted our team looking for support regarding monthly invoice reconciliation.

Target Goal:
Ensure accurate and timely payment for assets on hand.

In the first two weeks of receiving support the Recon team was able to identify $38,000 due to business owner regarding asset based payments, but the team took it a step further. During the implementation due diligence process, they identified a discrepancy in the route type being compensated for. The DSP’s dispatch time had changed resulting in 10hr vs. 9hr route operations. The team audited all outstanding invoices and was able to successfully dispute three-trailing weeks of invoices, with special approval, that resulted in recovering $12,000 in unaccounted for revenue.


“It has been a crazy week, but I have looked over your report several times and cannot understand why I did not use you sooner.”
DMGgo Partner, Lanham, MD using Recon Service
DMGgo Invoice Reconciliation has recovered more than $1.2 Million in Revenue for its partners since launching the service in 2018.