Recruiting Lite

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A DSP who needs help with applicant management, engagement, and lacks HR support to achieve route commitments. aa

Service Details

DMGgo optimizes applicant management and engagement for DSPs by leveraging our experience, proven process, and technology.

  • Job Posting Management
  • ATS Management
  • Calendly Group Interview Facilitation 
  • Candidate Follow Ups (Text, Voice & Email)
  • Interview re-schedule management 


  • Save Time: A typical DSP is able to save up to 20 hours per week on recruiting when they partner with DMGgo
  • Save TroubleOur team of recruiters leverage proven processes, technology, and experience to significantly reduce stress associated with recruiting new drivers
  • Save Money: More drivers = more money! DMGgo helps you ramp faster so you are more profitable



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Recruiting Lite

Case studies

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

In December 2019, DMGgo contracted with a launching DSP on 2/5/2020 in Bethlehem, PA. DSP partner is a serial entrepreneur with multiple business operations. DMGgo was a great fit to offload some of the administrative burdens and frequency of management activity.

Target Goal:
DSP partner wants to be #1 in his station from launch day by running as many routes as possible.

Within three weeks prior to launch, the DMGgo team successfully provided the DSP partner with 41 “active” DAs, ultimately allowing the partner to be prepared to efficiently run 20 routes on day one.


“There is NO way I could’ve ramped to our route increase during this economic time without you and the constant support. In just one week DMGgo cleared 14 DAs to enter training and has another five on deck ready for next week! BEST ONBOARDING TEAM EVER!”
DMGgo Partner, Fort Worth, using TX Onboarding Service 
“We simply do not know what we would do without you and your team.”
DMGgo Partner, San Diego, CA using Onboarding Service