DRO Support

Ideal For

An ISP who wants their BC to have assistance optimizing DRO and a better work-life balance.

Service Details

DMGgo’s team provides a free assessment to determine if your DRO needs to be fixed or rebuilt from the ground up. After that, we handle your DRO for you each and every night.

  • Free DRO Assessment
  • BC Collaboration and Iterations to Optimize
  • Peak Season Adjustments and Supprt
  • BC Training Available
  • Three Tiers of Service for Support to Meet Your Individual Needs


  • Save Time: Our DRO support saves you and your BC time each and every day. And, the larger your fleet, the more time you get back.
  • Save Trouble: Our team is always there – so your BC can take the evening off and enjoy a low-stress evening without having to work on DRO!
  • Save Money:  By optimizing your DRO, you can reduce your route totals each day- saving a lot of money on driver pay, wear and tear on your fleet, and gas!


Ongoing DRO Supprt

Tier 1: $15/truck/week

Tier 2: $30/truck/week

Tier 3: $50/truck/week

Initial Set-up and Rebuild $100/hr

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DRO Support

Case studies

No Break In Between

After attempting to manage all aspects of the DSP alone, DMG began to manage a DSP in San Leandro, CA for an Owner with multiple nonprofit organizations. DMG was a great fit to streamline the processes within the DSP to allow for financial growth.

DSP Owner began with a weekly payroll policy and had no time to find out how to move to a bi-weekly schedule. DSP Owner was in the process of cancelling all routes for 1 week to avoid processing payroll the following week, and had to navigate complicated California Labor Laws. This solution was posing a significant threat to top line revenue and operating costs.

DMG Payroll researched the State laws and determined how to overcome the obstacle and remain compliant with all the laws. In turn, the DSP Owner was able to switch to the bi-weekly cycle reducing errors, lost revenue and complying with state regulations. The efficiencies and cost savings gained with bi-weekly payroll scheduling, and increasing accuracy, gave the DSP the opportunity to give every DA an increase in hourly pay.


“This looks wonderful, and I approve the register. Thank you for everything this payroll. I know it was a lot of extras, more than usual. You always do such a great job and efficient as always.”
DMGgo Partner, Fort Worth, Using TX Payroll Services
“This service has helped tremendously from a management perspective by getting buy-in from my drivers. Their daily responsibilities are difficult enough. It’s important they have an accurate paycheck on Friday to build that trust. With DMGgo payroll I am able to focus more on my company culture rather than time card corrections.”
DMGgo Partner, Tulsa, OK using Payroll Service