Fleet Planning

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A DSP who wants their fleet to be optimized for safety, compliance, and profitability.

Service Details

DMGgo’s Fleet team supports ongoing asset management responsibilities, including collaboration with insurance and accounting.

  • Weekly Fleet Health Status Report
  • Rental Vehicle Procurement
  • Part and Accessory Sourcing
  • Preventative Maintenance Management
  • Vetting Local Vendors for Repairs
  • Invoice Audit Support
  • Lease Redeployment/Return Support


  • Save Time: A typical DSP saves 10-20 hours per week on tasks associated with sourcing, preventative maintenance, and repair status updates.
  • Save Trouble: Gain insights into Amazon Fleet program nuances to ensure compliant fleet activity ensuring program compliance.
  • Save Money: Our team is able to improve profitability by optimizing sourcing (i.e., windshields, mirrors, tires) and scorecard performance (Amazon). In many cases, our team is able to reduce repairs and maintenance by 20-40% by building accountability practices.



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Fleet Planning

Case studies

Return It In Better Shape Than You Got It

DSP out of Texas was enrolled in Fleet Services and was facing a fleet return/reallocation process. Prior experience with returning vehicle equipment lead to a substantial damage bill upon return to the Lease provider. Given the prior experience, the owner wanted to ensure all repairs were completed prior to return accompanied by a well-documented vehicle inspection process, to protect against any unforeseen charges.

Target Goal:
Ensure vehicles were returned to the Lease provider within Wear and Tear guidelines and have video and written proof that vehicles were in acceptable condition.

Nathan, Tess, and the Fleet team worked diligently with the local DSP Site Supervisor and Lot Attendant. They ensured the return checklists were completed, scheduled pre-return inspections, coordinated estimated and repairs with a local body shop, then documented the vehicle’s condition with both detailed photos as well as walk-around videos. The files were stored locally. To no surprise to the owner, a subsequent bill exceeding $30,000 was presented for payment. But with the proper paperwork and video evidence of the condition combined with organized files, the DSP was able to dispute the charges and overturn the invoice, saving thousands of dollars that otherwise may have been paid incorrectly.


“This fleet summary report is literally everything I need to ensure operational success in one summary. Gives me quite a bit of confidence when communicating with my customers stationlevel staff because I have all the information and context right here in email.”
DMGgo Partner, Frisco, using TX Dispatch Service