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A DSP who wants their financials to be accurate, useful, and updated in a timely manner – by last mile delivery experts.

Service Details

DMGgo’s Accounting team includes Bookkeepers, Data Entry Specialists, Financial Analysts, and a Controller/CPA. With a robust team of finance personnel, you can leverage a corporate office structure of staff to manage your financial health.

  • Weekly Expense Categorization
  • Weekly A/R Postings 
  • Invoice Creation
  • Detailed Payroll Entries to Ensure Visibility by Pay Code
  • Month End Close
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation


  • Save Time: With weekly financial reporting, DSPs can make faster, more informed decisions about their business.
  • Save Trouble: Peace of mind that you have DMGgo’s financial experts supporting your business.
  • Save Money: Our team provides benchmark reporting and industry insights to help reduce expenses and improve profitability.



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Case studies

Set Me Up For Success

After moving through multiple bookkeepers and internal staff, a DMGgo partner came to us looking for consistency and accuracy in their month-to-month financial information.

A DSP did not have prior processes in place to support consistent and accurate financial information to adequately assess their financial health at the end of each month.

DMGgo re-organized our partners chart of accounts to support readability and comparability to industry peers. We implemented standard weekly processes to ensure financial data was tracked and monitored in a timely manner. After the first month using our bookkeeping service, our partner had up to date information within a week of the month ending. We also provided standard reports along with a fluctuation analysis to assess changes to the company’s financial information over time.


“DMGgo provided me with the needed internal processes and procedures to effectively manage the financial health of my business. I’m able to trust that my financial statements are accurate and allows me to be a better decision maker for my business.”
DMGgo Partner, Fort Worth, using TX Bookkeeping Service